Monday, August 10, 2009

Shaffer Quilt Challenge 2008 Version

All four quilts and their creators were finally in the same place. You might not guess that we all started out with six of the same fabrics. Some of us liked the fabric choices better than others. :) Once Carol finds her fabric for this year's challenge, the pressure will be on again. We've been taking it easy this summer so far.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Decided to check out this new "computational knowledge engine" for the weather on E's and Z's birthdates--then got adventuresome and checked out Mark's and mine--we were all born on cloudy days. Mark and I were born under waning crescent moons, E under a full moon, Z under a waxing gibbous moon.

RA (readers' advisory)

NoveList May 2009 RA News: Here's teacher David Carr on the importance of reading books that are outside your comfort zone:
Throughout the term, I estimate that at least half of the class was reading in a genre they had not encountered before. The importance of this exposure in their experience was emphatic: the value of a class in RA or popular literature is not only about the books we read, and the tastes that require them - it's about the breaking-through (giving up snobbery, forgetting English Literature, remembering how to read like a child) that even enthusiastic readers may require in order to pick up something new and challenging to our assumptions.
One of the novels his class read was The Buckskin Line by Elmer Kelton. That's a choice sure to be applauded by someone in my family who shall remain nameless but who is stuck in the western genre.


IMG_2870, originally uploaded by mkherzog.

Here's the reflection I found on the ceiling in the bedroom this morning.

Azalea reflection

IMG_2873, originally uploaded by mkherzog.

Here's the azalea that's outside our bedroom window.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rhododendron, close-up

IMG_2865, originally uploaded by mkherzog.

Now if the rain will only hold off for a few days these blossoms should stay nice and fresh. Nothing ruins them faster than a lot of rain and that's what we've been used to lately.


IMG_2864, originally uploaded by mkherzog.

On Mother's Day there were only two flowers in bloom at the very top of this bush (tree?)--now look at it one week later.